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mariangilbert - Gio Apr 11 2019, 04:42:09
Oggetto: There is particular support for the arch
In good shape and feel are important to
any basketball shoe and slipping in the Adidas Crazy 8 will let you realise why. Due to the minimal lacing system which is in place and only features 4 hoops the feel is the one which gives you enough space to help you play without any stops.

Since the shoe satisfies well going up
half a size won't make high of a difference to the natural feel. Also don't believe that there is any further space inside, the foot is held firmly constantly in place to reduce the likely risk of any accidents.

Near the ankles and surrounding them can be a thick firm padding which locks them set up and ensures there's no extra room for virtually every slips or movement. This feel is also in place in the centre where the padded tongue holds
the foot firmly as well as comfortably.

When standing in a pair of
you will notice the fact that fit is particularly low to the ground. However this does not mean it's flat, in fact some people have mentioned it being just like standing barefoot as there are specific pressure points which assistance with the movement.

There is particular support for the arch of the Crazy 8 as being the heel is an important portion of the foot and
is prone to injury otherwise protected properly.
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